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What We Do


Information Sharing

The NCCR has integrated ICT (Information Communication Technologies) as a key driver for socio-economic development by adopting the communication channels and aims at fast-tracking cooperatives’ transformation to a knowledge-based cooperative.

NCCR has the following objectives :

- Provide guidance of information sharing from Primary cooperatives, Unions, and federations to the Confederation.
- Transform Cooperatives into an IT-literate nation
- Promote and encourage the deployment and utilization of ICTs within the Cooperatives
- Improve the civil and public service efficiency
- Develop the information and communications infrastructure of Rwanda
- Transform the reporting system using ICTs with the aim of improving accessibility, quality, and relevance to the developmental needs of cooperatives
- Empower Cooperatives by developing a human resource base that adapts to changing demands of the economy
- Introduction of using accounting software such as Quick books software for well trucking the financial transactions made by the cooperatives