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What We Do


Cooperative partnering with External Auditing

NCCR will work with local certified External Auditor and the aim is to improve the quality of the quality of the work done and that the NCCR or member is satisfied with the work done at affordable cost.

NCCR aims to support its members to become professional and sustainable and one of the areas is the audit. The External Auditor, preferably with a degree in Auditing, has agreed to enter into a collaborative agreement in which NCCR will be the lead agency and the Auditor will be the partner.

The External Auditor will offer consultancy services and the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will enter into to guide and develop the relationship between the External Auditor and the NCCR.

The MOU will provide common understanding for business delivery to satisfy the needs of the client (member) while upholding quality and professionalism.