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Presentation on New National Cooperative Law


Presentation on New National Cooperative Law

Dec 21, 2021 By: NCCR Admin

The presentation was made by Mr.HABINSHUTI Jean Bosco in charge of arbitration in RCA. He started by informing the participants about the first cooperative law which was established and approved in 2007 and had different gaps. For the new law, he explained the articles added and changed among changes presented there are :

(i)Create Cooperative and request legal personality, - A provisional certificate a definitive certificate of legal personality and time)

(ii) Roles and responsibilities between RCA and the NCCR Categorization of Cooperatives,
(iii) Opportunity for Cooperatives to invest their funds,
(iv) Powers of RCA as a Regulator,
(v) Benefits of members are well set in this law especially when a cooperative has worked well and realized surplus -Share and financial benefits,
(vi) Professionalism of committees,
(vii) Different Administrative Faults and sanctions,
(viii) Different offenses and Penalties,
(ix) Incentives and benefits to the organs’ members and employees
(x)Establishment of a Permanent education and training fund,
(xi) Transitional period for the new cooperatives.