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Dec 21, 2021 By: NCCR Admin

FERWACOTHE has 5 Unions and 33 Primary Cooperatives, tea is one of Rwanda’s traditional agriculture exports, Prices on Mombasa auction have steadily dropped since 2017, this federation conducted awareness to members for using fertilizers for good harvest, provide masks to members, by primary cooperatives and advocates for its members about various issued like fertilizers and material needed by its members.
The Gaps, Issues or Challenges contracted meet are : (i) The price volatility which affect tea sector,

(ii) Limited access to new market, (iii) Limited information about prices, (iv) Access to finance for unions to build their own factories, (v) Lack of infrastructure : bad roads and challenges of transportation of harvest to tea factories, and (v) No easy access to fertilizers
For the above issues, the federation presented some needs as :
Advocacy to establish factories amongst the members, to increase tea plantation and to decentralize stores of fertilizers. Trainings of trainers at union level, school of cooperatives because managers did different studies without mastering cooperatives area, Advisory services, Training on development of projects generating revenues for unions to be sustainable and in order to stop relying on membership fees from cooperative members.