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Rwanda Coffee Cooperative Federation : RCCF


Rwanda Coffee Cooperative Federation : RCCF

Dec 21, 2021 By: NCCR Admin

RCCF has 14 Unions and 281 Primary Cooperatives, Coffee Federation shares information among its cooperatives members about coffee regulations from Government agencies, coffee is among Rwanda’s traditional agriculture exports, the Coffee Prices have been steadily dropped since 2017 on international markets.
The coffee cooperative growers have the following challenges : (i) Price fluctuations and low price for farmers, (ii) Poor network connection ; (iii) High cost of coffee certification ; (iv) Financial institution not much focus on the cooperatives ; (v)Disorder due to many stakeholders (RWASHOSCO, RCCF, RCA, NAEB, etc) ; (vi) Long value chain ; (vii) Low culture of coffee consumption in Rwanda ; (viii) Advocacy for Zoning system does not allow cooperative to sell their production to their coffee washing station

The coffee cooperative federation need to be supported to get international certificates, to be assisted to Advocate for the identified areas, Strong for financing coffee cooperative, suggest Coop Bank which may listen and finance the cooperative, disorder in coffee sector, Zoning for cooperatives, private sectors, cost analysis for farmers and Advocacy for prices of ingredients and pesticides, Mobilization of coffee consumption, Training of committees in Governance, training of staff and cooperatives members in coffee processing, Advocacy in linking with various international organization and buyers for access to new markets