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Rwanda Federation of Horticulture Cooperatives : RFHC


Rwanda Federation of Horticulture Cooperatives : RFHC

Jan 3, 2022 By: NCCR Admin

RFHC is made of 14 unions, this Federation helped cooperative members to find the market of their products, help farmers to have seeds, fertilizers, training, and organize them.

The gaps are : (i) Not enough training in production processing ; (ii) No business plans among many cooperatives to allow them to set and achieve the goal ; (iii) Need of increasing production capacity ; (iv) Need of technology in agriculture, (v) Lack of information at international and level no direct access to the international market ; (vi) Market linkage with Primary cooperatives.
To handle various challenges, it needs Capacity building : technical skills, study tours, training in cooperative management, Research of international markets, Advocacy marketing, Study trips, and Contribution to technology services.