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Global cooperative movement meets in Kigali


Global cooperative movement meets in Kigali

Jan 26, 2022 By: NCCR Admin

Africa Cooperative Researchers’ Meeting in Kigali (14th October, 2019)

The Committee on Cooperative Research of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA CCR) has been playing a critical role in connecting the researchers’ community with the cooperative movement at the global level.

Ariel Guarco (centre) with Prof Anastase Shyaka (Rwandan Minister for Local Government, right)

Prof Anastase Shyaka, Rwandan Minister for Local Government
He explained how the country is among the three fastest-growing economies in Africa, second for ease of doing business, first for network readiness and fourth in terms of gender equality at a global level.

ICA-Africa Regional Director, Chiyoge Sifa, added : “This is the second time in the ICA’s 124-year history that we are back in Africa. We had the privilege of welcoming the cooperative family to South Africa in 2013 and today we are very pleased to have you in the heart of Africa – Rwanda.”

Chiyoge Sifa, ICA-Africa Regional Director

Thacienne Mutezinka, President of the National Cooperative Confederation of Rwanda, highlighted the role played by coops in the social and economic transformation of the country.

Thacienne Mutezinka, president of the National Cooperative Confederation of Rwanda

And Japheth Magomere, President of the Africa Region of the International Cooperative Alliance, quoted figures from an ILO study which found that 7% of the African population belongs to a cooperative.

Japheth Magomere, president of the Africa Region

“We have seen genuine and economically viable African cooperatives which create economic opportunities, provide a basic level of social protection, and provide members with voice and representation,” he said.