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National Cooperatives Confederation of Rwanda (NCCR), has the wide mandates for Cooperative movementgrowth and development in Rwanda in which NCCR is in need of different hands and means ; which can be either in Cash or in kind.
In Capacity development NCCR needs too much efforts to help cooperatives in Rwanda to well manage their steps of growth.

NCCR is calling everyone, Civil society organizations, Non profits organizations, Governement Entities National and International to join NCCR in cooperative movement in Rwanda.

Your Partnership towards Cooperatives growth and development willbe highly appreciated.

For any type of Donation please reach NCCR to the following :

Email : nccrrwanda@gmail.com
Tel : +250735485785/ +250788332685

Donation should be deposited through the following Bank account :

NCCR BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER : 1301128224 -13 ( Opened in Cogebanque - Rwanda)